Types of Intelligence by Scale

Hello everyone! I am here with the last article of the basic intelligence series, intelligence types according to their scales. Good reading.


In the previous article, the intelligence series according to their fields, we have elaborated and exemplified the subjects and branches of intelligence according to their fields. Today, I will show you the classification of intelligence types according to their scales and how this classification can create differences on a user basis. So, without further ado, let’s get to the point.

Intelligence by Scales

As can be understood from the name of intelligence types according to their scales, it is the name given to the classification of intelligence fields according to their scales or levels. This classification is separated from intelligence completely according to the fields that divide intelligence into two, and it is divided into 3 in some sources and 4 in some sources. This distinction may vary according to each institution and the methods they use, even according to the subjects and services in which they conduct intelligence work. Today, I will cover these 4 basic principles and tell you how important they are in the military sense.

Strategic Intelligence

As the meaning of the word strategic intelligence includes, it enables the managers of states or institutions, who have the most authority and authority to make decisions, to produce realistic strategies and plans by strategically identifying threats and opportunities and evaluating them, as well as to gather the necessary information in the implementation process and make greater inferences. intelligence field.

On the basis of institutions or states, this intelligence field has a great place in the implementation of long-term plans and policies against counter-threats. While this intelligence field on the basis of countries helps to make a more accurate decision process and more accurate decision, on the basis of institutions, this intelligence field helps in the planning of future intelligence operations and ensures stability, and helps the intelligence wheel to function more regularly.

Tactical Intelligence

Tactical intelligence is an intelligence field that has a very complex structure but is easy to explain. This intelligence field is the intelligence field used to determine the current status, potential, power, and purpose of the friend or foe during operations and wars. The information obtained thanks to this intelligence field is immediately evaluated and directed to the institution or department that needs information.

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence is the intelligence field formed from the whole of tactical intelligence operations working in an integrated manner for a specific purpose or purposes. For states, operational intelligence is used in times of war to obtain information about the status of the front and developments in times of war. In peacetime, this type of intelligence includes military operational exercises and reconnaissance flights. And our last title, Integrated Intelligence.

Integrated Intelligence

Integrated intelligence is not a field. We express the order, but in terms of a term; It refers to the efforts of institutions carrying out tactical, operational and strategic intelligence operations to work together and coordinately when needed, to provide continuous information flow and to obtain this information.

And so we have put the end of our basic intelligence series. From now on, we will continue with our new series, cyber intelligence. Hope to see you in my new series, building from the ground up and covering all the information an intelligence analyst needs to know.

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